17 December 2013, Tuesday, 10:55

Inflation is 5.5 percent in Bashkiria from the beginning of the year

author: Elvira Latypova

In Bashkortostan in November 2013 a consumer price index for goods and services was 100.7 percent by October, 105.5 percent compared to December and 106.2 percent compared to November 2012, according to Bashkortostan Statistics Agency.

Since the beginning of the year food commodities rose by 5.1 percent in the republic, nonfood goods — by 3.4 percent, services — by 9.8 percent.

Among the foodstuffs monitored by statistics eggs rose in price most of all for a month – at once by 8.1 percent in Bashkortostan. From the beginning of the year, the price for this socially significant product grew by 29.1 percent. Cheese (102.8 percent by October), vegetable products (101.9), milk and milk products (101.2), flour (101) and some other goods also became more expensive in November.

In Russia as a whole, consumer prices increased by 105.9 percent for 11 months, in the Volga Federal District — by 105.8 percent.