16 December 2013, Monday, 17:11

33.7 billion rubles were directed for payment of maternity capital in Bashkortostan since 2007

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

Since January 1, 2007 171 566 state certificates for maternity (family) capital were issued in Bashkortostan, including 25 564 certificates in 2012, 24 712 certificates in 2013. Since the execution of the law No.256 "On additional measures of state support for families with children" 33.7 billion rubles of maternity capital were transferred, the press service of Bashkortostan Department of the Pension Fund RF reports.

To date, 97 580 families improve their housing conditions with maternity (family) capital, including 31 207 families in 2012, and 27 033 families in 2013. Of these, 68,314 families partially or fully repaid their housing loans with their maternity capital amounting to 23.6 billion rubles. Another 29 266 families improved their living conditions by directing their maternity capital in the amount of 8.4 billion rubles for purchase, construction or renovation of their housing property without credit funds attraction.

The maternity capital funds can be also directed to payment for education or children’s maintenance in educational institutions and to increasing the future pension payments of a certificate holder. Total 93 million rubles were transferred for children's education, including maintenance in kindergartens — 2.9 million rubles, as well as 6.2 million rubles were spent on the funded part of labour pensions of mothers.

61,275 certificate holders disposed funds of their maternity capital in full.