16 December 2013, Monday, 14:56

Maxim Chudov will deface envelopes with symbols of Olympic Torch Relay in Ufa

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

A solemn cancellation procedure with a special stamp "Olympic Torch Relay. Ufa" will take place at the "Central" shopping  mall on December 21 at 17.30, where a mini post office will be installed, the press service of Bashkortostan department of Russian Post informs.

It is planned that a ceremony will be attended by the Minister of Sports and Youth Policy RB Andrey Ivanyuta, Olympic bronze medalist of Nagano 1998, Deputy Minister Pavel Muslimov, Olympic silver medalist of Turin 2006 Alexei Selivyorstov and a bronze medalist of Olympic Games 2010 in Vancouver Maxim Chudov.

The Olympic Torch Relay "Sochi-2014" is the longest and the most large-scale in the history of the Olympic Winter Games arrives in Ufa on December 20. In each region, the arrival of the Olympic flame is celebrated with solemn cancellation of philatelic products. A special stamp can be put on envelopes, stamps and postcards only for one day.