10 December 2013, Tuesday, 16:20

Battery trolleybus is tested in Sterlitamak

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

Unusual trolleybus started running along Sterlitamak streets — it does not need wires.

“The engines are powered by batteries,” the Head of municipal unitary enterprise "Sterlitamak Trolleybus Directorate" Alexander Matveyev said. “Recharging the batteries is made via the catenary, their power is enough for 100 kilometers.”

The trolleybus with on-board energy storage system is operated in test mode in Sterlitamak until February. According to Alexander Matveyev, this kind of transport can be sent to the new routes — where there is no laid trolleybus network. This will save tens of millions of rubles: the construction of only one power supply substation requires about 60 million rubles. New trolleybus costs more than a traditional one, and the decision on its purchase is not made so far by the Sterlitamak administration.

In Sterlitamak a route network of city electric transport is quite developed. Daily 125 trolleybuses run on their routes. The fare is 11 rubles.