10 December 2013, Tuesday, 13:29

Budget deficit will decrease by 600 million rubles in Ufa for three years

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

In Ufa public hearings were held on the draft budget for 2014 and the planning period of 2015-2016. As the head of financial department of Ufa administration Ilgiz Nasyrtdinov told, the draft budget for 2014 was calculated on revenues — in the amount of 16 billion rubles, on expenditures — 16.9 billion rubles. For the planning period of 2015 it was calculated as 16.7 billion and 17.1 billion rubles, of 2016 — 17.1 billion and 17.4 billion rubles, respectively. The expected deficit will be reduced from 900 to 300 million rubles within three years. The volume of tax and non-tax revenues for 2014 is predicted as 10.6 billion rubles, which is higher than the approved budget for 2013 by five percent.

For the planning period 2015-2016 the annual volume of own revenues is planned in the amount of 10.9 billion rubles and 11 billion rubles, respectively. In 2014, the share of tax revenues will make 64 percent, the share of non-tax revenues — 36 percent. In the planning period it is expected to increase the proportion of tax revenues to 68 percent and 69 percent.

According to the speaker, the budget will retain its social orientation, "Education", "Housing and Utilities", "Health", "Social Policy" will continue to be the key items of expenditure.