08 December 2013, Sunday, 16:46

The minimum wage in Russia will be 5554 rubles since January 1, 2014

author: Galina Bakhshieva

The Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law establishing the minimum wage in the amount of 5554 rubles per month since January 1, 2014.

The current minimum wage is 5,205 rubles. Thus, next year it will increase by nearly 350 rubles.

According to preliminary estimates, in 2013 the ratio of the minimum wage and the minimum living wage of working age population will be 67 percent, according to the website of the Ministry of Labour of Bashkortostan.

Currently about 500 thousand Russians receive a salary equal to the minimum wage, usually involved in part-time employment.

It is planned that by 2018 the minimum wage  will provide the minimum living wage of able-bodied population. Recall that now it is almost 7800 rubles.

The work to increase the minimum wage is conducted in accordance with the Policy Plan of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection RF for 2013-2018 years, to achieve the key objective — "Decent work, fair wages".