04 December 2013, Wednesday, 14:37

Average milk yield per cow in Bashkiria is 8.6 kg

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Now 8.6 kg of milk are received on average from each cow every day in agricultural enterprises of Bashkortostan, which is by 100 g more than the same level of the last year.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture RB, the daily milk yield per cow is more than 10 kilograms in seven regions — Aurgazinsky, Dyurtyulinsky, Meleuzovsky, Sterlitamakskiy, Ufimsky, Uchalinsky and Chekmagushevsky. Thus more than 12 kilograms of milk per cow are received in Sterlitamaksky and Chekmagushevsky regions.

Since the beginning of this year, about 3.5 tons of milk has been produced from a cow on average in the republic.

Five thousandth boundary is reached only by Chekmagushevsky region, four thousandth – by Aurgazinsky , Dyurtyulinsky, Meleuzovsky, Sterlitamaksky, Tatyshlinsky and Ufimsky regions.

Gross yield since the beginning of 2013 amounted to almost 1,596 million tons in the republic, sales — about 620.8 thousand tons. Farms of Chekmagushevsky, Sterlitamaksky and Dyurtyulinsky regions are still leaders in the production and sale of milk.