29 November 2013, Friday, 16:09

Flight to Dubai was delayed for a day in Ufa

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

For more than a day the FZ- 940 flight by Emirates Flydubai airline was delayed at Ufa airport.

The plane took off on schedule, but soon the crew commander asked the dispatchers an emergency landing. The plane made a landing in Ufa airport and all the passengers returned to the transit area.

A repeated flight was periodically delayed, and only when the departure of the aircraft was assigned to 9 am the next day (November 28) the passengers were invited to go through the passport control.

However, the morning flight was also canceled, the flight was delayed again till the afternoon, and then till night. It was refused to report an official reason for the flight delay at the airport.

As the Bashkir office of Flydubai informs, all the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations were met: the delayed flight passengers were offered hot meals and overnight at the hotel. The aircraft departed only 17.36 Thursday and landed safely at the airport in Dubai at 22.22 Ufa time.