22 November 2013, Friday, 19:15

Ufa Planetarium presented a children's science-fiction program

author: Lyudmila Ternovaya

A premiere of science-fiction program "Long journey of EGI alien" took place at the Ufa Planetarium. The first audience was young pupils of Ufa orphanage No. 9 and the National Rehabilitation Centre for Children and Youth with Disabilities.

The lead character of the program EGI is a small alien making a space journey over the Milky Way galaxy, planets of the solar system and finding a new home on the planet Earth. Three-dimensional graphics and animation by Azamat Rahmangulov made the program dynamic and spectacular. He has developed three-dimensional models of the lead characters EGI and Robik, and models of the planets and space objects, in creation of which high quality textures were used, based on the pictures by Hubble Space Telescope and other interplanetary stations.

The program is showed simultaneously from three video projectors making an effect of maximum immersion into the action.