22 November 2013, Friday, 18:30

Architectural "Three Screws" appeared in the public garden in Lenin Street in Ufa

author: Elvira Latypova

An architectural composition in the form of a stylized city name in the Bashkir language appeared in the public garden in Lenin Street, near the National Library of Ahmed Zaki Validi — a variation on the famous "three screws". The composition completed accomplishment works carried out in the public garden in 2013: paving slabs were replaced, paths were refined.

As the press service of Ufa administration informs, the image created by modern designers — "Three Screws" — can be easily transformed into a variety of graphic sculptural forms. It was discussed at the meetings on issues of urban identity and at the town-planning forum "UrbanBayram" where received generally positive reviews, including from foreign experts.

There will be several similar objects in different execution in Ufa, they believe at the Ufa City Hall.