22 November 2013, Friday, 17:15

Bashkortostan is the fourth in Russia on preparations for winter

author: Elvira Latypova

Bashkortostan is on the fourth place in the ranking of Russian regions for the quality of preparation for the coming winter. The ranking was made by the Ministry of Construction and Housing of the Russian Federation, which evaluated effectiveness of executive bodies of subjects of the Russian Federation on the results of monitoring over preparation and passing the autumn-winter period.

According to the State Committee on Housing Supervision RB, an integral figure includes all the activities for the preparation and passing the heating season. It was taken into account the state of objects of heat, water, gas and electricity supply, availability of certificates of readiness for winter at housing and engineering infrastructure objects, emergency fuel supplies and backup power sources, timeliness of breaches remedial, reducing debts of enterprises to housing and public utilities and of people to suppliers of utilities.