22 November 2013, Friday, 13:16

Residents of Bashkortostan can express their opinion on introduction of the "None of the above" option in ballots

author: Galiya Nabieva

In Russia there is an active discussion of the need to insert the "None of the above" graph in ballots. Residents of Bashkortostan can also express their opinion on the project.

We remind that, on October 16, the Council of the Federation submitted to the State Duma the draft law No. 360863-6 «On Amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation in the form of the introduction of “none of the above” voting option (none of the above lists of candidates)".

The authors of the bill believe that the introduction of the ballot graph "None of the above" will allow more fully realize the equality of voting rights established by the Constitution, and the voters will be able to express their will more clearly.

The authorities, parties, society will have a better view of political forces balance in the country and the state of the public mind.

It is possible to read the full text of the bill and to take part in the discussion on the official website of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly.