21 November 2013, Thursday, 18:08

Ufa car inspectors granted child safety seats to newborns

author: Olga Murtazina

The capital traffic police held a campaign of awarding child safety seats, devoted to the Day of the Child and Mother's Day, celebrated on November 20 and 25 in Ufa. At the same time traffic police explained to young parents why it was important to carry babies in a fixed position. "In case of a collision or sudden stop at a speed of only 50 kilometers per hour passenger weight increases by about 30 times. It turns out that a 10-kg child weights 300 kg. This weight is not possible to hold in arms, and the child may receive serious injuries from hitting the back of the chair or the windshield. For the same reason you should not fasten yourself with a baby — in a collision you just crush it with your weight", the officers of the Propaganda Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs STSI of Ufa explained.

The campaign was held at maternity hospital No. 8 in Ufa. A month ago, car inspectors spent the same event at maternity hospital No. 6, and intend to cover all maternity hospitals of the city.