21 November 2013, Thursday, 16:35

Bashkortostan Customs: procedure for goods transportation by car is simplified

author: Sergey Zakharov

In Russia an experiment is launched to facilitate goods transportation by car at customs transit.

According to the press service of the customs of Bashkortostan, a three-month experiment is conducted in all eight federal districts in order to reduce the time of customs operations to ensure the smooth functioning of the international automobile border-crossing points and to increase their capacity.

Russian transport companies with stable position in the market, having not less than fifty international highway transportation operations during a year, having their own fleet of equipped vehicles — at least five vehicles, as well as experience in transportation of goods according to the customs procedure for at least one year can participate in the experiment. The main requirement is that they should not have any violations of customs regulations, as well as any debts on customs duties, taxes and penalties payment.

To participate in the experiment a carrier should apply in writing to the regional customs office where it is registered as a taxpayer. The usual response time is five working days.

According to preliminary estimates, more than 500 Russian transport companies will be able to participate in the experiment, according to the official website of the Federal Customs Service.