21 November 2013, Thursday, 14:43

Profits of large and medium-sized enterprises of Bashkortostan in January -September increased by 44.2 percent

author: Elvira Latypova

Large and medium-sized enterprises and organizations of Bashkortostan in January -September, received total profit in the sum of 106.1 billion rubles, which is 44.2 percent more than the comparable figure of 2012, according to Bashkortostan Statistics Agency. The selection did not include banks, insurance companies, and public organizations.

The share of loss-making large and medium-sized enterprises was 18.8 percent compared to 19.2 percent in January -September 2012. The amount of their loss decreased from 20.6 billion rubles to 11.4 billion rubles.

Overdue accounts payable from the beginning of the year decreased by 2.5 percent and as of the beginning of October amounted to 11.9 billion rubles — 2.9 percent of all amounts payable. 80.3 percent of "overdue debt" is commitments to suppliers. Indebtedness under bank credits and loans from the beginning of the year increased by 5.7 percent, the share of overdue debt is 0.1 percent.

Overdue receivables amounted to 20.8 billion rubles — 27.3 percent more than at the beginning of the year. The share of "overdue debt" is 5.6 percent of all receivables of large and medium-sized enterprises. Debts of buyers form the bulk of the expected payments of expired maturity (89.7 percent ).

Total accounts payable exceed accounts receivable by 8.3 percent. Overdue accounts receivable exceed overdue accounts payable by more than 74.7 percent. The corresponding figures as of the beginning of the year are 15.7 and 33.8 percent, respectively.