20 November 2013, Wednesday, 16:24

Bashkortostan Investigating Committee suspects the deputy head of the republican Federal Tax Service in tax secrecy disclosure

author: Olga Murtazina

The Russian Federation Investigating Committee on Bashkortostan Republic initiated a criminal case against 49 -year-old deputy head of the republican directorate of the Federal Tax Service RF under the article "illegal reception and disclosure of information constituting commercial, tax and banking secrecy".

"According to the investigation, from June 2012 to June 2013 at the request of her friend — the Minister of Forestry, the official having an access to data, by virtue of her official position, provided him with information on income of an individual entrepreneur from the city of Ufa and her husband, as well as information about their vehicles, real estate and banking accounts in banks, cash flows on these accounts, details of her counterparties and relationships with them about her husband's official capacity, that is, information constituting a tax secret. The circumstances of the crime are being established, the investigation continues," the press service of the Investigating Committee informs.