19 November 2013, Tuesday, 16:44

Folk festival and competition of Bashkir beauties were held in Blagovarsky region RB

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

The folklore festival "Magic Box" and the children's competition of Bashkir beauties "Hylyukay 2013" were held in Sarayly village of Blagovarsky region. The events aimed at preservation and development of the best traditions of folk culture, revival of traditions of the peoples living in the area. Employees of the Bashkir historical and cultural centre "Sarayly" took part in the organization and conducting of the festival.

Young beauties – participants of the "Hylyukay 2013" competition demonstrated knowledge of the Bashkir language, traditions and customs of Bashkir people.

Employees of "Sarayly" centre presented a theatrical show of the Bashkir national tradition "Rainmaking" in the nomination "Original ceremony based on local traditions".