18 November 2013, Monday, 17:49

Voting for a favorite symbol of ruble gained 62 percent of supporters

author: Elvira Latypova

More than one quarter million people took part in the public discussion of the symbol of ruble, running on the website of the Bank of Russia since November 5. Voting will continue until December 5.

The first two weeks of discussions revealed a clear favourite — the most popular variant among the population gained 62 percent of votes. Its closest "pursuers" have 19 percent and 8 percent. It is still a secret which version Russians prefer.

On November 18, the Bank of Russia opened a comments page for public discussion on the website. It shows the typical opinion of Russians about each of the five proposed symbols.

The press service of the Bank of Russia marks that citizens aged from 25 to 34 years (44 percent of visitors of public discussion pages) are the most active. Among the respondents men prevail (72 percent). The majority (87 percent) have a higher or incomplete higher education.