15 November 2013, Friday, 16:17

Firefighters found a homeless child in Ufa

author: Olga Murtazina

In Ufa, a three years old homeless child was found in the former psychiatric hospital in Vladivostokskaya Street. The boy was found by the Fire Department officers in the course of preventive raid bypassing the abandoned buildings.

“The child was sleeping next to a drunken man and a woman, among cigarette butts and garbage. According to statistics, 90 percent of deaths in fires — are people the state of intoxication, most leading anti-social way of life. Firefighters decided to save the boy”, the spokeswoman of Ufa Fire Department Natalia Nikandrova informs. “Now he is in hospital. The administration of the Soviet residential district of Ufa and the police department No. 7 helped us to place the boy in an orphanage.”

As it turned out, the child together with unemployed 37 -year-old father and 29 -year-old mother lived in Mihailovka village till the spring of this year. After a murder occurred at their home the premises were closed down. Left without a roof over their heads, the family took refuge in an abandoned hospital buildings continuing their antisocial lifestyle”, the officials of Ufa Fire Department report.