14 November 2013, Thursday, 17:45

Sociologists mark their professional holiday today

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

On November 14 Russia celebrates the Day of Sociologist. The date of celebration is chosen not by chance — historical documents show that it was November 14, 1901 in Paris, when Russian Higher School of Social Sciences was opened, which some experts believe to be the first sociology department in the history of world science. Lectures in the Russian Higher School were read by leading sociologists and politicians of Russia: Maxim Kovalevsky, Nikolay Karev, Eugene de Roberti, Paul Milukov. Since 1994, the Sociologist’s Day is celebrated regularly at sociology departments of leading Russian universities, including St. Petersburg University, where from the Russian academic sociology originated.

In Bashkortostan, social science is a highly developed direction. Status of social science and practice has increased significantly of late in Bashkortostan Republic. The interest on the part of state and municipal authorities is obvious. Application of knowledge and experience of sociologists in urban management is a priority in the activities of Ufa administration. It is important to know the views of population on the most pressing issues of republican development where social scientists can help.

themes: sociology, day