13 November 2013, Wednesday, 15:54

State Duma deputy Zugura Rakhmatullina: "Dialogue of Cultures - is a way to peace, tolerance and mutual understanding"

author: Galiya Nabieva

Zugura Rakhmatullina, the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Culture, deputy from Bashkortostan in the Parliamentary Group of the Federal Assembly took part in the Third Parliamentary Forum of the Northern Dimension "Human Being in the Northern Dimension. Regional Cooperation Promotion". The forum is held in Arkhangelsk from November 10 to 13.

The deputy made a presentation on the topic "Economic and Social Importance of Cultural Cooperation in the Northern Dimension: Prospects for Russia".

"Northern Dimension" is an economic and environmental project on regional co-operation over a wide area in the north of Europe, Euro-Arctic region. The initiator of the project was Finland (1997). "Northern Dimension" partners are the European Union, Iceland, Norway and Russia. The purpose of the "Northern Dimension" is to ensure dialogue and practical cooperation in economics, health care, research, education and culture, freedom and justice.

In Russia the "Northern Dimension" region includes the North-West Federal District, which unites 11 subjects. In the framework of the Northern Dimension four partnerships are established: environment, health and social welfare, transport and logistics, culture; and Russia is deeply involved in their work.

The partnership in culture is established quite recently, but nevertheless, according to the deputy, it is a cultural dialogue that currently can be a spiritual foundation of shared responsibility, a way to peace, tolerance and mutual understanding.

In her opinion, our country in this respect needs to hold joint cultural festivals, days of national cultures, exchanges of art groups, to develop vigorously cultural tourism.