06 November 2013, Wednesday, 13:30

Igor Saveliev’s book "Tereshkova Flies to Mars" is published in France

author: Shamil Valeev

On November 14, the novel by Ufa writer Igor Saveliev "Tereshkova Flies to Mars" translated into French under the title «Les Russes à la conquête de Mars» («Russians fly to Mars" ) will be published and will be available for sale in Paris and other French cities. The website of the publishing house «Éditions de l'Aube» informs about it. The book is published as a series of translations of works by young Russian writers created by the Parisian publishing house with participation of experts and organizers of the All-Russian Literary Award "Debut". Earlier in this series the story by Igor Saveliev "Pale City" was already published.

The "Tereshkova Flies to Mars" novel was translated into French by Marie-Noelle Pen, separate chapters of this translation were published in 2011. As the website of the publishing house informs, the book of 145 x 220 mm format has 224 pages and it will be sold at the price of 17.20 euro, which is roughly equivalent to 750 rubles.

In Russian the novel was published last summer — first in an abridged version in the "Novy Mir" magazine and then as a book in the Moscow publishing house "Eksmo". Two weeks ago, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Bashkortostan Republic adopted a document under which the "Tereshkova Flies to Mars" novel was included in the number of works applying for the State Republican Youth Award named after Shaikhzada Babich in the field of literature, art and architecture.