05 November 2013, Tuesday, 12:22

State Duma Deputy Zugura Rakhmatullina: "Experience of inter-parliamentary cooperation is always constructive"

author: Galiya Nabieva

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Culture, State Duma Deputy from Bashkortostan Zugura Rakhmatullina, as part of the Parliamentary Group of the Federal Assembly, took part in the 65th session of the Nordic Council in Oslo, Norway (Kingdom of Norway). The session discussed the topics relevant for the "northern social model", and for Russia, neighbouring with the region. It is the development of social sector (education, culture, health), problems of youth unemployment and human resources policies, the rights of women and children, social support for pensioners, preservation of linguistic and cultural identity of indigenous peoples in the context of globalization, migrant issues, demographics and aging of the population, environment and rational use of natural resources, food security.

According to Zugura Rakhmatullina, joining our domestic parliamentarians to cooperation experience of deputies of Nordic countries with executive powers of the states is important, demonstrating the "significance" of parliamentary influence on internal social and international policies in the Nordic region.