01 November 2013, Friday, 12:03

"Born Twice" film is a bronze winner of the Festival in Togliatti

author: Aleksandra Lebedeva

The "Stars of Samara 2013" Sports Forum was held in the city of Togliatti. Within the Sports Forum the second Festival of Outdoor Sports Film and Television was conducted. The film "Born Twice" about our countryman, Russian skier and biathlete, the Honored Master of Sports of Russia, four-time champion of Paralympic Winter Games 2010 in Vancouver, Yrek Zaripov won the bronze prize of the festival. Vilyura Isyandavletova, the film director and Magafur Timerbulatov, the screenwriter were awarded a statuette, a medal and a diploma of the festival.

Earlier, at the beginning of September this year, at the V International Sports Film Festival in Samara "Born Twice" film was recognized the best in "Overcoming" nomination.