31 October 2013, Thursday, 14:40

Testing students for drug use would be legal norm in Bashkortostan

author: Lyudmila Ternovaya

At the second session of the State Assembly — Kurultay RB parliamentarians adopted in the first reading two bills related to youth policy — "On Amendments to the Law of Bashkortostan Republic "On the prevention system of juvenile neglect and delinquency, protection of their rights in the Republic of Bashkortostan" and "On introduction amendments to the Law of Bashkortostan Republic" "On commissions for minors and protection of their rights". Legislative initiatives were introduced by the Committee of the republican parliament on Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Policy. The Chairman of the Committee Elvira Aitkulova explained the main provisions of the proposed amendments.

“On June 7, the President of Russia signed amendments to the law under which all educational institutions — universities, secondary special schools, schools will conduct testing for drug use,” the deputy said. “In this connection relevant acts of subjects of Russia should be brought in line with federal law. The amendments, which are accepted now in the first reading, assume that the educational institutions of the republic will be empowered to organize activities for the early detection of drug users. In this case, we say that it is a voluntary procedure.”