28 October 2013, Monday, 18:16

BST TV Channel changed its broadcasting image

author: Sergey Zakharov

Bashkir satellite TV officially announced about changes in their image. According to the BST press service, all programs will be broadcast in a new design since October 28.

"A play of traditional colours in geometric solution of break bumpers, appearance of unusual decoration in the interior of the studio will make your favourite, already familiar Bashkir channel different" TV spokesmen underline.

In addition to the design the contents of programs will be also changed. Regional news will be reported every hour. The broadcasting schedule will include new programs — "Svetskaya Khronika (Celebrity news)", "Good morning, republic", "Clio" (Fatherland history fan club). Also, new soap operas will appear very soon.

At present, a creative team of the channel is working over New Year's TV projects. "Without disclosing the secrets, it should be marked that this year there is something to surprise our viewers", BST workers intrigued.