25 October 2013, Friday, 14:11

Bashkir soldiers have shown stunts on horseback at re-enactment of Battle of Nations near Leipzig

author: Bashinform News Agency

A re-enactment of Battle of Nations of 1813 has taken place in the Federal Republic of Germany, near Saxon city of Leipzig. This year the 200th anniversary of the bloody battle of Napoleonic war was marked.

As the eyewitness and participant of this grandiose event Nasur Yurushbaev, our compatriot living in Germany, director, author of the film «Kuray’s Sounds over the Seine River» has informed 6200 participants from 26 countries of the world came at the re-enactment: from Australia to Canada. Besides, more than 50000 spectators were present. The Battle was held on the area of 500000 square metres.

Bashkir soldiers, members of Ufa clubs «The First Bashkir Regiment», «Ufa Infantry Regiment» appeared in focus of interest. Everybody wanted to make photos with them, with interest examined their clothes, weapons and considered as good luck to sit with them near a fire, to taste well-known Bashkir korot.

In the evenings Bashkirs sang songs, played kuray, executed Bashkir dances, shot of arch.