24 October 2013, Thursday, 17:02

More than 277 thousand inhabitants of Bashkiria have chosen money equivalent of social benefits

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

277 369 persons, or 75,6 percent from total number of citizens of Bashkortostan Republic having rights to benefits, have chosen money equivalent of a set of social services. Within next year they will monthly receive monetary indemnification together with pensions, the press-service of branch of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation on Bashkortostan Republic informs.

Now cost of social benefits package makes 839 rbl. 65 kopecks per month. From them 646 rbl. 71 kopecks are provided for necessary medicines, 100 rbl. 05 kopecks — for sanatorium treatment, 92 rbl.89 kopecks  - for free travel by suburban railway, and also by long-distance transport to the place of treatment and back.

The aggregate number of federal social benefit holders makes 366 thousand 519 people in the republic.