24 October 2013, Thursday, 14:44

Average sugar beet crop yield in Bashkiria is 350 cwts per hectare

author: Galina Bakhshieva

Average crop yield of sugar beet makes now 350 cwts per hectare in Bashkortostan. As the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture RB marks, a rich crop is gathered now by farmers of Blagovarsky region — 444 cwts per each hectare.

This indicator in Buzdyaksky, Chishminsky and Ermekeevsky regions is equal, accordingly, 434, 418 and 410 cwts per hectare.

Now the crop of sugar beet exceeds 1,5 million tons across Bashkortostan. More than 726,5 thousand tons of sugar beet are delivered to sugar beet plants from which about 405,2 thousand tons are processed.

According to Agricultural Consulting Centre RB, sugar beet is took in now on the area of more than 45,2 thousand hectares that makes 85 percent from areas under crops.