24 October 2013, Thursday, 14:05

United Nations Organization marks anniversary of its foundation

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

Today the United Nations Day is marked (UNO). On October 24, 1945 UN Charter came into force, signed on that moment by representatives of 51 states. Appeared after the Second World War and urged to prevent similar tragedies in the future, this organisation promotes strengthening of peace and international cooperation. At present, more than 190 states are members of the United Nations Organisation.

Bashkortostan Republic is one of the most active subjects of Russia working under programs of the United Nations and its specialised divisions — UNESCO, UNIDO and UNDP. Under the terms of cooperation of the republic with UNESCO in 2008 and this year a presentation of Bashkortostan was spent at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, the cooperation agreement between Government RB and UNESCO was signed. Under the terms of this agreement a number of socially significant projects in the sphere of education, science, culture, sports were realised in the republic.

The UNIDO integrated program on Bashkortostan is directed on industry support, attraction of investments and control over environment. Also for more than ten years Bashkortostan co-operates with Representation Office of the United Nations Development Programme in Russia. Under the terms of this Program in Bashkortostan a unique joint work — the first in Russia regional Report of the United Nations on development of human potential was published in 2009.