23 October 2013, Wednesday, 17:58

Inhabitants of Bashkiria can find their deputies on the Internet

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

The portal "Deputies" of the project «Open Republic» has begun its work.

Now each inhabitant of Bashkortostan can find a deputy of his election district just clicking a map on the website.

Also it is possible to learn on the webportal on what days it is possible to come for personal appointment. Besides, any citizen can write applications to the deputy through online-reception on his personal page.

The Internet portal "Deputies" is created for overcoming existing barriers between voters and members of the parliament, solving problems of common Russians living in cities or remote villages. The resource has incorporated all topical reference information about life and work of deputies elected by inhabitants at municipal and republican elections, and also representing interests of the region at the federal level. Thematic publications and reports of members of parliament, news and bills, in which acceptance and completion they participate are placed on the website.