23 October 2013, Wednesday, 17:27

Most part of international parcels to Bashkiria is from China

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

This year it was processed 400 thousand international certified mails and 25 thousand parcels in branches of Bashkortostan Postal Service, almost 41 percent from this number was made by dispatches from China, the press-service of Bashkortostan Directorate of the Federal Postal Service informs. Now China is the leader in number of incoming international mail.

Between postal services of China and Russia a Memorandum of mutual understanding and cooperation has been signed. The Сhina Post plans to expand transport routes of mail delivery to Russia, a part from which will go through the regions adjoining Bashkortostan. In particular, it is supposed to open an automobile route from China to Orenburg. Till the end of the year Russia and China can agree about opening of a railway postal route. It is planned to expand aircraft traffic due to flights from Harbin and Beijing to Yekaterinburg.

As postal workers mark, a geographical neighbourhood of Bashkortostan with the Orenburg and Sverdlovsk Regions will allow improving logistics of mail delivery from China and accelerating their reception by Bashkir addressees.

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