23 October 2013, Wednesday, 16:20

Minimum monthly wage will make 5554 roubles since January 1, 2014

author: Galina Bakhshieva

The State Duma has approved in the first reading a bill of the Ministry of Labour RF, directed on increase of the minimum monthly wage.

The document provides increase in the minimum wage rate since January 1, 2014 by 6,7 percent, or to 5554 rbl. per month.

Now the minimum monthly wage makes 5205 rbl. per month. According to preliminary estimates its ratio to the size of the minimum living wage of able-bodied population in 2013 will make 65,8 percent.

As it is marked on the website of the Ministry of Labour of the Russian Federation, the bill is prepared in order to bring stage-by-stage the minimum monthly wage to the size of living wage of able-bodied population, according to the requirement of Article 133 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation.

It is planned that in 2018 the minimum monthly wage will provide a living wage of able-bodied population.