23 October 2013, Wednesday, 13:18

Today workers of advertising sphere celebrate their professional holiday

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

Day of Advertising Workers is a professional holiday of all advertisement designers, experts in marketing and PR managers of Russia. This holiday is marked since 1994. But for such short period of existence it became a serious matter to discuss what place in our life is occupied by advertising.

«Advertising is the engine of commerce» is a catch phrase, which I.Ilf and E.Petrov used in their novel «Twelve Chairs». Thus, on October, 23 it is a day of creative people who bring an invaluable contribution to the trade development, and, accordingly, the economy of Russia.

Today's advertising is a complex science. Huge sums of money are spent for advancement of goods and services. But the advertising has the same purpose as it was earlier — to distinguish goods among production of competitors, to promote them and to increase sales.

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