08 October 2013, Tuesday, 17:37

About 60 books from Bashkortostan have replenished the Turkic library fund of Peace and Consent Palace in Kazakhstan

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

On the threshold of Bashkortostan Days in Kazakhstan Republic, the Deputy Prime-Minister of Government RB Salavat Sagitov donated to the fund of Turkic library of the Palace of Peace and Concent  books printed by publishing houses of Bashkortostan Republic. The gift was accepted by the President of International Turkic Academy Shakir Ibraev.

As Elena Aryamnova, the leading expert of the press-service department of ANO "Office-group SCO & BRICS "Ufa-2015" informs among editions there was "The Bashkir Encyclopaedia" and "History of Bashkir People», the "Salavat Yulaev" encyclopaedia and "Military History of Bashkirs", photo albums about great natives of the Bashkir land Michael Nesterov, Ahmet-Zaki Validi, Rami Garipov and Faizi Gaskarov, popular scientific editions about life and traditions of the peoples of Bashkortostan and other literary works. Total it was donated about 60 editions.

In his turn the president of Turkic academy Shakir Ibraev thanked Salavat Sagitov and presented him two almanac-anthologies, devoted to the history and culture of the Turkic people.