07 October 2013, Monday, 18:10

Inhabitants of Bashkiria can address to the State Committee for Housing Supervision through the Internet office

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

A program on gathering applications of citizens to the managing companies and local governments works on the website of the State Committee for Housing Supervision of Bashkortostan Republic in the section "Internet Office".

From the moment of start (February, 2013) 1373 applications have been received by the website, the Committee informs.

For registration of an application you should open the section "Internet Office", enter your contact details, choose a settlement, an application topic, a managing organisation or housing cooperative. The program will generate applications to an administration of municipal area (city district) and a managing company (housing cooperative) specifying their electronic addresses, and will return on the applicant’s e-mail the issued applications which the user will be able to send from his own e-mail.