07 October 2013, Monday, 16:48

About 1,5 million nurslings have been planted in Bashkiria for one day

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

More than 20 thousand two-year-old pine nurslings have been planted in the territory of the Chishminsky local forest district on the area of 5 hectares during the All-Russia event «Live, Forest!», the press-service of the Ministry of Forestry of Bashkortostan Republic informs.

In all areas and forest districts of Bashkiria plantings of young trees and waste clean-up took place. As a whole for one day about five thousand people have planted more than one million 400 thousand nurslings on the area of more than 350 hectares. Each participant received the necessary information and was provided with implements and planting stock.

In the spring this year hundreds of thousands citizens answered the call of Rosleshoz (Federal Forestry Agency) to plant forest trees which were damaged after fires and pest outbreak.

As a result of all events dated to the spring All-Russia day of forest planting, two million 120 thousand trees on the area of more than 500 hectares were planted in Bashkortostan Republic. More than 15 thousand people took part in the events.