07 October 2013, Monday, 16:12

Dancers of Gaskarov’s ensemble departed to the Russian Culture Festival in Japan

author: Elmira Sabirova

The Faisi Gaskarov State Folk Dance Ensemble departed to the Russian Culture Festival in Japan on Sunday, October 6. As the press-secretary of the Ministry of Culture RB Leila Ishmuratova informs, performances of dancers are planned in four cities of the land of the rising sun — Musasino, Tokyo, Mito, Chiba.

It should be mentioned that last week during Bashkortostan Republic’s presentation at UNESCO headquarters in Paris the Gaskarov’s ensemble in connection with its 75th anniversary was awarded the prestigious award –«Five Continents» golden medal for the program «Dances of Nations of the World» and the diploma «Peace Envoy».

In the next season the ensemble will present a new project «Gaskarov’s Heritage– the Domain of Republic» comprising of choreographic compositions of different genres staged by Faizi Gaskarov. The premiere of the program in Ufa is planned for December 21 and 27.

In November the ensemble plans tours over the Bashkir Trans-Urals.