04 October 2013, Friday, 14:14

Tatyana Lebedeva does not want to be a bobsleigh athlete

author: Dmitry Slezin

The coach staff of women’s Russian national bobsleigh team on the threshold of Winter Olympic Games of 2014 in Sochi plans to strengthen the team with representatives of track and field athletics.

As the Sports Information Agency «Ves Sport» informs, Tatyana Lebedeva, the Olympic champion, the triple world champion in long jump and triple jump, the native of Sterlitamak was one of potential candidates.

“The coach of the Russian national bobsleigh team, the known former athlete Evgeniy Pechenkin, really, persistently called me to be engaged in this new kind of sports,” Tatyana Lebedeva confirmed. “Athletes in bobsleigh are not a rare thing but they usually invite sprinters. Yes, I have some power preconditions, but at my age to transfer to such kind of sports is just to make people laugh. Now golf or riding fit me much more,” Tatyana joked.