01 October 2013, Tuesday, 18:07

German audience appreciated the Bashkir film about war with Napoleon

author: Aleksandra Lebedeva

Last Sunday, on September 29, the next screening of the «The Kurai Sounds over the Seine River» documentary film organised by Leipzig Grassi City Museum together with the European and Oriental Culture Centre took place in Germany. «The Kurai Sounds over the Seine River» documentary-feature film was created on the basis of "Bashkortostan" film studio in 2005. The film tells about participation of Bashkir regiments in the Patriotic War of 1812 and the further military campaigns against Napoleon. «The Kurai Sounds over the Seine River» is the first film by "Bashkortostan" studio with has such wide geographical coverage: Bashkortostan, Germany, France. The director of the film, our compatriot Nasur Yurushbaev, was also its scriptwriter and the author of the soundtrack. The film was several times shown on Saxon TV, even a special screening and a TV link-up were organised.