01 October 2013, Tuesday, 14:46

Winners of the best apartment house competition will receive one hundred thousand rbl. in Bashkiria

author: Rozaliya Valeeva

Each of 150 best apartment houses will receive 100 thousand rbl. in Bashkiria. From September, 15, till May 15, 2014 the Ministry of Housing and Public Utilities holds a republican competition «The Best Apartment House».

The corresponding decree «On carrying out of «The Best Apartment House» republican competition was approved by the Bashkortostan Republic Government on September 26.

Apartment houses where one of management procedures according to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation is chosen and realised (the managing company is chosen, the homeowners association is formed or direct administration is exercised) and which correspond to certain criteria can take part in the competition.

The prize-winning fund should be directed to an apartment house and a land plot maintenance which is a part of the general property of this house. Up to ten percent from the received means according to the decision of the general meeting of homeowners can be paid as an award to the chairman of the apartment house council or the chairman of homeowners association board.