27 September 2013, Friday, 13:30

Bashkir national epos "Ural-Batyr" is published in four languages

author: Alik Shakirov

"Kitap" Bashkir book publishing house has issued the "Ural-Batyr" epos in Bashkir, Russian, English and French languages, the publishing house informs.

The "Ural-Batyr" epos is a unique treasure of spoken-poetic creativity of the Bashkir people, since the most ancient times have been living near Ural Mountains. It belongs to an ancient genre of the Bashkir national poetry — kubair (a song-eulogy, a heroic song). The "Ural-Batyr" has incorporated the most ancient mythology which existed many millenia ago. A wide spectrum of ancient views is presented in it, rooting in a primitive-communal system. The epos has both general typological lines of the archaic epos known in the world culture, and original ethnic colour.

themes: epos, ural, batyr