26 September 2013, Thursday, 10:21

UMPO project on creation of innovative vanes for engines has passed acceptance tests

author: Elvira Latypova

A scientific and technical project by JSC "UNPO" on working out and introduction of new manufacturing techniques of turbine vanes and compressor vanes for perspective gas turbine engines has successfully passed acceptance tests, the association press-service informs.

UMPO works over the project together with the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys as part of the federal program.

According to the UMPO deputy managing director Sergey Pavlinich, the project should still pass a final stage of acceptance procedure.

The commission has familiarised with assembly manufacture and with process of high pressure compressor’s vanes manufacturing from intermetallic compound (titanium aluminide) for the perspective engine PAK FA and vanes of the low pressure turbine for PD-14.

Advantage of the new technology is that while retaining its endurance titanium aluminide vanes are much lighter than the similar parts made using the former technology from nickel alloys.