16 September 2013, Monday, 10:15

Bashkir girls have received awards at V International Sports Movie & TV Festival

author: Dmitry Slezin

The V International Sports Movie and TV Festival has come to the end in Samara. Winners were announced at the festival closing ceremony at the Opera and Ballet Theatre. The jury has distributed prizes as follows. The festival Grand Prix was given to the "Match" film by Andrey Milyukov. The Prize of the FICTS President was received by the Swedish film «21, Peter Forsberg» by Anders Bevarpa. The «Tumbler 2» by Anario Mamedov received the special prize of the festival.

The program "Valery Brumel" by Michael Degtyar became the winner in the nomination "The Best Television Program". Prize-winners in the nomination became also programs of girls from Ufa — «From Outstanding People’s Lives» by Liliya Shafikova and «One Day» by Alfiya Ilyasova.

It should be marked also that the «Born Twice» film by Vilyura Isyandavletova, one more native of Bashkortostan, was named the best in the "Overcoming" nomination.