12 September 2013, Thursday, 12:16

Modernised test stand for aircraft engines was installed in UMPO

author: Alik Shakirov

Opening of a reconstructed stand for testing serial products of the division has taken place at Ufa Engine Production Association (UMPO), a parent company of «Engines for Fighting Aviation» division (DBA) of United Engine Corporation.

“At present the stand is intended for tests of AL-41F-1S and AL-31FP engines,” the head of DBA division, UMPO managing director Alexander Artyuhov informed. “However, in the long term it can be converted and for testing AL-31F products and new engines.”

As the UMPO press-service informs, the opened stand is the most state-of-the-art from the point of view of automated control systems availability. Already existing stands will be modernised and new stands will be created on its pattern.