11 September 2013, Wednesday, 17:51

Natural population growth - 1936 people in Bashkiria in January-July

author: Elvira Latypova

In January-July 33 909 people were born in the republic – by 1,3 percent more than for the same time of the last year, the Bashkortostan Statistics Agency informs. 31 973 people died, that is by 1,2 percent exceeds death rate in January-July, 2012. Thus, the natural population growth for seven months 2013 has made 1936 people.

The migratory gain is 3260 people (76 433 people arrived, 73 173 people departed). Statisticians mark that the migratory decrease was observed in Bashkortostan in January-July, 2012.

The total result of natural and migratory movement of the population for seven months 2013 has developed with positive result and has made 5 196 people.