09 September 2013, Monday, 14:21

Fall in price for vegetables and fruit provided deflation in Bashkiria in August

author: Elvira Latypova

Cabbages, onions, carrots, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes decreased in price by 17,8 – 31,6 percent in Bashkortostan in August, the Bashkortostan Statistics Agency informs. Grapes lost in price 28,5 percent, apples – 9,2, bananas – 4,2, fruit juice – 2,5. Buckwheat became cheaper by 2,6 percent. As a result a price index on fruit-and-vegetable production has developed at the level of 82,2 percent in the republic providing deflation in the region as a whole: the price index on consumer goods and services has made 99,8 percent in August. From the beginning of the year prices have grown by 4,5 percent in republic.

A number of food products rose in price last month. Thus, eggs added at once 13,1 percent, granulated sugar – 6,6, rennet cheese – 4,7, milled rice – 3,6, milk and dairy products – 3,1.

A rise in prices for automobile gasoline (2,8 percent), for separate kinds of clothes and footwear for children of school age, stationery and textbooks (1,2 – 3,2), seasonal footwear for adults (1,5 – 4) is marked in the nonfoods group.

Public utility services rose in prices by 2,4 percent. Cost of housing services grew by 1,8 percent, including rent of one-and two-room apartments  - by 3-4 percent.

Prices for tours on a number of directions have considerably grown. Thus, in August holidays in Spain and Turkey became more expensive by 8,5 and 13,4 percent, accordingly. Excursion trips to Finland and bus tours across Europe increased by 5,9 and 9,4 percent. Cost of trips to Germany decreased by three percent.