09 September 2013, Monday, 13:18

Preliminary voting turnout at parliamentary elections has made 48,75 percent in Bashkortostan

author: Galiya Nabieva

On preliminary data, as of 20 o'clock local time voting turnout at elections to the State Assembly — Kurultay RB made 48,75 percent, Marina Dolmatova, the secretary of Central Election Commission RB said at the briefing. Organizers of elections conduct counting of votes.

Voting was organized at 3452 polling districts. 110 mandates were replaced at elections of deputies of the State Assembly — Kurultay RB. In two city settlements elections of deputies to city councils (per 20 districts), and also by-elections of municipal level took place.

The uniform republican district voting was conducted under the registered lists of candidates from 12 regional branches of political parties, totaling 1232 candidates. Six branches put forward their candidates only at single-mandate election constituencies. There were 383 candidates in single-mandate ballots.