06 September 2013, Friday, 16:09

More than 20 thousand absentee ballots are issued in Bashkiria

author: Lyudmila Ternovaya

70 thousand absentee ballots were made for the forthcoming elections of deputies to the State Assembly — Kurultay RB. According to the secretary of the Central Election Commission RB Marina Dolmatova, it is a traditional number of ballots.

“5505 absentee ballots were issued at territorial election commissions, 15247 at precinct election commissions,” Marina Dolmatova informed.  “As we also expected, the main number of absentee ballots were received at territorial election commissions. Thus, for today 20752 ballots are issued. Comparing these indicators with presidential elections of Russia their number is less by half. If at last elections by this day 60 percent from all made absentee ballots were used, at these elections by the present moment only 31,6 percent of absentee ballots are used. The reasons are quite clear — elections are held only in the territory of our republic and those leaving from Bashkortostan cannot use their electoral right.”