04 September 2013, Wednesday, 10:17

Number of pensioners in Bashkiria has grown by 17,1 thousand people for a year

author: Elvira Latypova

Number of pensioners makes 1092,2 thousand people in the republic – by 17,1 thousand people more than the year before. Such data as of July 1 were published by the Bashkortostan Statistics Agency.

The average sum of a pension in the region is 9448,5 roubles per month (as of July 1, 2012 – 8610,5 roubles).

From total number of pensioners 997,4 thousand people receive labour pension, including 897,6 thousand people  who receive old-age pension (the average size of their pension is 10 056,2 roubles per month), disability pension – 47,8 thousand people (6460,7 roubles), survivor pension – 52 thousand people (6876,6 roubles).

State-provided pensions are paid to 94,8 thousand inhabitants of the republic (the average sum of their pension is 6611,3 roubles per month), including social pensions to 90,8 thousand people (6425,2 roubles).